Complete audio management for podcasters and radio



Podcast hosting features

Unlimited and secure storage

Never worry about running out of space, with unlimited storage for your show's episodes and archive.

Safe and backed up

All your audio is safely stored on enterprise-grade servers, automatically backed up with geo-redundancy.

Audio conversion

Upload audio from most common audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV and uncompressed AIFF and we'll automatically optimise it for publishing.

Batch upload

Easily upload and publish multiple episodes at a time with our drag & drop uploader.

Custom image and formatting

Make your audio look good with automatic or customized episode artworks and rich text descriptions with hyperlinks and formatting.

Reliable and fast CDN

Optimized audio delivery serving millions of downloads every month so your audio is available without buffering anywhere in the world.

Radio broadcast capture features

Automatic podcasting

Intelligently stitch on-air broadcasts with chapter and ad markers to create a publishable and monetizable podcast.

Live stream recording

Record broadcast live streams without running your own server. Compatible with HTTP Live Stream, HTSP and IceCast streams.

On-premises recording

Record PCM audio straight from your studio panels to the cloud, with automatic network failsafe and buffering optimizations.

Searchable machine transcription

Generate a transcription of your on-air recordings and search through your audio archive for specific moments or keywords.

Automatic breaks and tagging

Label and categories recordings automatically from metadata in compatible live streams.

Recording schedules

Record multiple shows from a single studio or live stream with configurable weekly schedule by day and time.


Drop markers and add notes as your show goes to air to make it easy to search and share them later.

Production memos

Collate all the notes and titles from your day’s show and export a shareable PDF document to share.

Publishing & sharing features

Fully compatible podcast feed

Our RSS feeds are compatible with the most popular podcast directories and apps, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Overcast, TuneIn and more.

Embed players

Place mobile-friendly audio players directly on your site with customizable styles and colors to fit your brand.

Web player

Easily share episodes, playlists and even shows on the web with native web players optimised for desktop and mobile listening.

Facebook integration

Harness the power of Facebook to build up your subscribers, by easily sharing episodes with your own engaging artwork.

Twitter card

Our players are optimised for Twitter, with a native audio card player that can be played in-line for desktop users.

Visualized audio video export

Create visually stunning videos from your podcast episodes to share as native video content on social media.

Spotify syndication

Instantly syndicate your podcast to millions of Spotify listeners across mobile and desktop.

Smart speakers

Let your podcast be heard on Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod.

Scheduled publishing

Stay organised by scheduling your podcast episodes to automatically go live at a later time and date.

Private RSS feeds

Lock your RSS feed behind a paywall to reward your most die-hard fans with exclusive content.

Editing features

Web audio editor

Fine-tune your audio using the online drag-and-drop audio editor without downloading any software.

Intelligent auto levelling

Apply broadcast-style compression to your raw audio to ensure your spoken word content is audible, no matter how softly the host speaks.

Ad markers

Create ad markers to dynamically display or stitch mid-roll advertising into your episodes.

Chapter markers

Create chapters markers to let your listeners seek to interesting moments in your show.

Automated intro & outro

Add your precomposed station ID or podcast intro & outro, with seamless fade transitions, to your published audio MP3s.

Dynamically replace audio

Replace the audio, even after you’ve published it online, by simply uploading a new version.

Monetization features

Integration with ad technology platforms

Omny Studio works with many of the leading audio advertising technology platforms to deliver a range of advertising solutions to suit different needs.

Make money with Omny Ads

Monetize without any effort. Take advantage of one of the world’s premium audio ad exchanges with professionally produced and location-targeted spots.

One-click pre/mid/post ad markers

Enable pre-roll, post-roll and mid-roll ads by placing ad markers using the simple web audio editor.

Pre-roll video ads for embeds

Deliver engaging video pre-rolls for listeners on your website using embeddable players.

Analytics features

Download analytics

Detailed daily, hourly and monthly reports on your podcast downloads including source, apps, devices and location.

Consumption analytics

See how many people are listening at each second by tracking play, pause and seek of listeners' sessions.

Export CSV reports

Download reports in Excel-compatible CSV format to gather and build additional insights.

Other amazing features


Find the exact episodes or recording you're looking for across your entire library. Search by title, description, date and annotations.

Podcast importer

Seamlessly migrate your podcast from another service by automatically copying all your existing episodes and metadata.

Manage multiple shows

Quickly switch between shows to easily maintain control over an entire podcast network from one central dashboard.

Manage multiple playlists

Re-package your content into multiple playlists to embed or podcast. Set up a playlist for a best-of compilation or separate playlists for recurring segments.

Multiple users & permissions

Let different teams collaborate more efficiently on shows and limit access to sensitive information.

Secure & private

Enterprise-grade authentication and storage security protects your content and analytics data from unauthorized access.

Track Apple Podcasts reviews

Easily find all your reviews from every country, automatically updated so you can promote your best fans. Share or tweet your best reviews.

Developer APIs

Use the flexibility of our APIs to feed your content into your own custom audio players or apps.

Take your on-demand audio to the next level