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Get in touch with us to build out your perfect hosting package. Omny Studio has the tools to suit the diverse needs of enterprise podcast producers.

More of our amazing podcast features

  • Simple chaptering and built-in editor
  • Premium support
  • Managed podcast migration
  • Custom branding
  • API access
  • Integrations with leading services

Optional recording capture for radio

Get the complete package for radio. Store and archive all your broadcasts in the cloud, recorded either on-premises or online with a live stream. Service and storage fees apply.

Time saving radio production features

  • Automatic live recordings
  • Unlimited archive capacity
  • Secure and backed up in the cloud
  • Convert recordings to podcasts
  • One-click production memos
  • Annotated archive
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Frequently asked questions

What is a show?

A show is a single radio program or podcast in Omny Studio. All your episodes, recordings and playlists are organized in a show. You can manage multiple shows in Omny Studio with one account.

How many team members can I have?

You can invite as many team members as you like to help you organize and publish content. Set up flexible user permissions to allow some users access only to certain shows.

How is bandwidth charged?

All standard accounts come with a bandwidth allocation of 1TB per month, which is plenty for most podcasts! If you’re doing extremely well and exceed this limit, we’ll reach out to talk to you about bandwidth usage and potential charges.

If you’re not sure how much bandwidth you might use or have high bandwidth demands, our sales team can work with you to estimate your usage, develop a custom plan that fits your budget and help you maximize your monetization potential.

Can I migrate my current podcast without losing my current followers?

Yes, it’s easy to move all your podcast followers without any downtime! To migrate, you’ll need to import your current podcast using our RSS feed importer (we can help you with that), apply a re-direct from your old feed to automatically migrate followers (read our migration guides for popular podcast services here), and from there just start uploading new episodes to Omny Studio.

Can I integrate Omny Studio with my existing CMS?

We have a number of ways to integrate Omny Studio into your existing CMS workflows. Our embed players are compatible with most CMS’s and we also offer a Wordpress plugin. You can also take advantage of our developer API to build custom audio players or to automate fetching and uploading content from other content systems. Speak to our team if you’re looking for integrations into other CMSs,

What billing options do you offer?

Our billing system is automated to charge by credit card, monthly in arrears. We understand that different organizations have different needs, please contact us if you’d like to discuss alternate billing schedules.

Can I be billed in another currency or by invoice?

Yes, if you’d prefer to be billed in your local currency just get in touch and we’ll work out a custom quote for you.